Naruto beat all pain monster summoning !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow, sukhoi...! Naruto beat all of Pain summoning in chapter 431 with rasengan, sage mode on is very powerfull, and save tsunade sama.

. Hmm, this fight between naruto and pain will be best fight in naruto manga i think :D.

Pain and Konan will fight againt naruto alone, this is ridiciluss because we Konan power is truly amazing.

In my prediction, Naruto won’t fight the realms all alone, it’s too much for him. The frogs will help fighting Animal-Pain at least. Nagato will put his life on the line in this fight, Konan knows it and will try to stop him (won’t succeed). After the realms are gone, Nagato (with his rinnegan) will fight Naruto himself. Maybe Tsunade will sacrifice for him in this fight, maybe Konan sacrifices for Nagato. And in the end, when both Naruto and Nagato are in the ground almost KO, Danzo kills Nagato, froggles style!!:yell

What are you really expecting of this fight?


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