Love in Konoha Sakura and Sasuke part 3 End

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The man stared back at Sakura. "I'm Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke."

Sakura also felt he was familiar with that name. "Uchiha Sasuke? Looks like I also never heard of. Sasuke huh?" Sakura was busy with his own thoughts. "Ah!" Sakura's eyes suddenly rounded. "Do-do you're an actor who is on the rise is not it?"

"Hn." Sasuke nodded slowly.



Love in Konoha Sakura and Sasuke part 2

"La ~" Sakura sang merrily in the steering seat. His hands hold the steering wheel with ease. His appearance did not exactly feminine with an intentionally worn upside-down hat, dikucir hair tousled, white shirt and pants training. At least he was more polite than the girls he often encountered.

Today was his first day working as a taxi driver. Sakura deliberately chose to become a taxi driver because he thought that the easiest job. Moreover, his hobby was racing cars, so his ability in the field of driving without a doubt.

"Who are my first customer huh? Since this first day of work, I love free deh." A smile can not be separated from Sakura's lips.


Love in Konoha Sakura and Sasuke part 1

A pink-haired chick sitting chair dining table. His hands hold the toast is still warm. Occasionally she sang the song in order to attract the attention of someone sitting in front of him.

After several minutes, finally she sighed, as if surrendered to his inner debate. "Sasori?" he asked the only man in the room.


Romance Story Naruto And Hinata Under The Sun

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blonde-haired young man grinned as he stared at his cell phone screen. Occasionally his eyes were moving to read short messages from a girl who caught his attention. One of his classmate's sweet and loved many people, including Shikamaru and Neji who secretly love it.

Naruto was now holding her laughter when they read a reply brief message Hinata, indigo-haired girl was. amused chuckle, Naruto's reply to a girl and looked back at her bedroom ceiling with a wide grin.


Romance Story Naruto and Sakura Under The Rain

Sakura, do you know that you are the luckiest girl? Yes, you're very lucky girl to get my idol. Did you know that youth are always holding hands when walking is a person who I loved since Academy? Did you know would it?

When viewing a sapphire beam it to you, I firmly believe that Naruto love you so much. Sapphire eyes were always shining when seeing you. Sincere smile he always limpahkan you. Caress her soft red hair as though your youth will always protect you. Soft gaze as if to give all his heart to you. You're very lucky.

Very lucky, so I feel jealous of you.

When you cry, the soft hand that will remove grain incarnation of pain from your eyes. And the soft caress you menenangkanmu and you warm up to the crevices of your heart and made ​​an impression there.

And do you know? Rain not only gives the impression of a sweet romantic and fun. But rain can also leave a grief and loss.


Kushina and Naruto, Mother and Child

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kushina is Naruto's mother. Kushina has a personality similar to naruto like anger, self-sacrificing and brogue.


Naruto and Minato are the best ninja in Konoha

Naruto and Minato are the best ninja in Konoha village has ever had, okay we'll see some pictures they both together


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