Love in Konoha Sakura and Sasuke part 3 End

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The man stared back at Sakura. "I'm Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke."

Sakura also felt he was familiar with that name. "Uchiha Sasuke? Looks like I also never heard of. Sasuke huh?" Sakura was busy with his own thoughts. "Ah!" Sakura's eyes suddenly rounded. "Do-do you're an actor who is on the rise is not it?"

"Hn." Sasuke nodded slowly.


Sasuke suddenly looked at Sakura. The girl stared back at him with confusion. "Only the 'Oh'?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

Sakura glared. "You thought I was fanatikmu fans who always shout 'Sasuke-kuuuunnnnnn! You're handsome! I love you! It may ask for a signature? I want to touch you!" So? " Sakura demonstrate a fan who was to meet his idol. "Never! Hah!" Sakura pretended to vomit. Of course, that inviting smile from Sasuke.

"I just met a girl like you." Sasuke could not hide the grin taunting him.

"That's why you should be grateful because it has already met with a girl like me." Sakura said. He pursed his lips disgust, he could be considered as Sasuke fans who always hyperactive that?

"What's your name?" asked Sasuke. I do not know why his views are now warmer than usual.

"Sakura. Haruno Sakura." Sakura replied.

"Well, Sakura. If you want a signature from me, just say so. It's going to give you," Sasuke bring back his grin.

Sakura glared. "Never!"

"Or do you want a kiss from me?" Sasuke's smirk turned into a nasty grin.

"Kyaaaaaa! What's that about? Basic nasty! Wait till I want to wear a dress!"

"Really?" Sasuke getting closer face to face Sakura. Sakura's face was as red as paint (?) This time. I was so close, even Sakura Sasuke could feel his breath on her cheek. Reverse can not because he was cornered in a tree, especially Sasuke's hands were on either side of Sakura's body.

"You're too close, stupid!" Sakura Sasuke pushed the chest area, hoping Sasuke will stay away. But his efforts in vain, Sasuke is too strong for a Sakura.

"Haha. I'm just kidding. The expression you were funny once." Sasuke chuckled and pressed his nose Sakura who rebelled. Then he started to distance himself from Sakura.

For a moment the atmosphere became quiet. Both Sakura and Sasuke has not opened his mouth. Sakura was still very upset with Sasuke who seemed happy to tease him. While Sasuke vote on it at the sky blue.

"I grew up in families that are in," saying Sasuke makes Sakura look at him. Sakura could see the flash of a sense of loneliness and sadness in onyxnya. "My mother was a singer and my father was a writer. They all live far away from Konoha. In Konoha, Naruto-manager friend of mine only. Sometimes I want to live like ordinary men who can do the fair. But as an actor, I was required to portray a variety of figures and a variety of character. I myself still confused, which originally my character. I'm a grumpy? Or am I the quiet? Or am I a cold? I still can not distinguish between real life and life in the drama. " Sasuke smiled sad.

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Sakura. Bewildered eyes clearly illustrated in his eyes.


"We just knew, why did you tell your personal problems to strangers like me?" Sakura pointed to himself.

Sakura waiting for an answer from Sasuke. "I do not know. You're different from people who I know," Sasuke looked back at Sakura with a thin smile. "For some reason, when I'm by your side I can get my emotions freely. I feel calm."

"You're teasing me again huh?" Sakura took off his hat he was wearing and hit-mukulkannya to Sasuke.

"Hey-hey! I'm serious! Ouch! Enough! Hospital tau!" Sasuke tried to avoid the death blow Sakura. With enough effort tiring, finally Sasuke Sakura managed to hold both hands so as not to hit him again.

"You were very troublesome, Sakura." Sasuke said, still panting.

"Let it go!"

"Hey Sakura? By the way you would not be my girlfriend?"




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