Love in Konoha Sakura and Sasuke part 2

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"La ~" Sakura sang merrily in the steering seat. His hands hold the steering wheel with ease. His appearance did not exactly feminine with an intentionally worn upside-down hat, dikucir hair tousled, white shirt and pants training. At least he was more polite than the girls he often encountered.

Today was his first day working as a taxi driver. Sakura deliberately chose to become a taxi driver because he thought that the easiest job. Moreover, his hobby was racing cars, so his ability in the field of driving without a doubt.

"Who are my first customer huh? Since this first day of work, I love free deh." A smile can not be separated from Sakura's lips.

In the corner, Sakura turned the steering to the left. He chose to go the theater was always crowded. Who knew he could customers' right?

Konoha theater is very famous. Not infrequently several artists featured here. You'd be dumbfounded if it had entered into the building.

Sakura on the brakes after seeing someone shout taxi at her. 'Customer first! Yey! " inner delight. He must be polite and leave the bad habit of always being cool.

The man who was shouting his name immediately opened the taxi door with a rush. Emonya very messy hair, wearing a suit that he had even worn. Sakura glanced back briefly, but he could not see the man's face clearly because he was wearing sunglasses. Sakura can conclude that this man must have been running a marathon.

"Hey, quick way!" command him harsh. Sakura immediately switch the view to the street in front of him.

"Where?" Sakura asked no less rough. He had thrown away his promise that he would be polite to customers. Especially Sakura first customer to conclude that this is the type of person who sucks.

"Take me to a place of quiet and away from this place." He replied flatly. His hands were smoothed his jacket and tie are messy.

Sakura immediately stepped on the gas. He was getting annoyed with the young man behind him. Is every customer a taxi so? Mention the name of the destination is not clear.

'If only you were not my first customer, I was kicked from this car! " Inner Sakura grumbled. He still thinks where he would bring this man. 'Far and lonely? Where no such place in Konoha! Konoha's industrial cities, where there may be a lonely place? Except for the dump and forest on the border of Konoha. Eh? Why did not I bring her into the woods alone? Moreover it is not it pretty far! You're smart Sakura! " Sakura praising himself and laughing (very) hard.

"Hey! Shut your mouth when laughing! You're that woman!" Sakura quickly turned to the sound source. Even though Sakura could not see his eyes still closed because of sunglasses, he was sure the man was staring at him with disgust.

Views Sakura turned to the street again. "Whatever I'm dong. My mouth too!" Sakura said sewot.

"But my ears that hear it!"

Sakura was silent. Let him speak, yet what good is it seems annoying wait on the type of person?

Cab car they passed the deserted road. On each side of the road there are dense trees. After deciding where they will stop, Sakura finally get a pretty good place. The trees are not too dense and there is a rather broad terrain. In addition, the most interesting for Sakura is no creek there.

Sakura stopped the car at the curb. He looked back to staring at the man. "This place is remote and quiet." He said.

"Can you come with me for a moment?"


"Do not look at me with such a view. I'm not a bad guy, after all, you're not my type." He said flatly.

Sakura glared. Not his type? Indeed this makes Sakura was relieved because he knew that this man will not assorted him. But dikatai 'not my type' seems inappropriate. Moreover, spoken in front of the intended person.

"Stay with me awhile." After saying those three words, the man out of the cab. Walking toward one shade tree.

"Her mouth is really spicy! He was very outspoken about?" Sakura grumbled quietly. But still he came out of the cab and approached the man who was sitting there.


"Hey, you're actually gonna do here?" Sakura asked, trying to break the silence that began to be created since 3 minutes ago. Honestly, he was not too happy with silence. Moreover, the man beside him was not showing signs of going to talk.

"Are not you that brought me here?"

"But you told me to take you to places far and quiet!"

The man opened his jacket. Now he wears a white shirt and tie, perched on his neck.

"I just want to find peace." She said quietly.

"Can you remove the glasses hitammu? Feel I've been talking to the blind." Sakura said sarcastically.

The man sighed softly and then slowly opened his glasses. The first thing seen Sakura is the most beautiful onyx eyes Sakura had ever seen. Her face is too handsome for a human.

Sakura examining every curve of her face. Then he realized something. "Hey, it looks like I never see you?" Sakura said as she frowned. Well he feels he looks familiar.


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