Love in Konoha Sakura and Sasuke part 1

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A pink-haired chick sitting chair dining table. His hands hold the toast is still warm. Occasionally she sang the song in order to attract the attention of someone sitting in front of him.

After several minutes, finally she sighed, as if surrendered to his inner debate. "Sasori?" he asked the only man in the room.

"Call me nii-san, Sakura!" Sasori command. His eyes were still staring even toast now shapeless anymore.

Sakura pouted. "... Age Aahhh we'll only difference one year. So, I call the first name was not what is it?"

"I am your brother! Sincerely bit!" Sasori replied, still busy with toast.

"HHH .. Okay," Sakura hold a breath. "Nii-san?" Realizing his calling in left off, Sakura rose from his chair and walked over to Sasori. Sakura Sasori hugged from behind, his tiny hand worn around the neck Sasori. But Sasori still do not want to talk. "Nii-san is still mad at me huh?" Sakura asked timidly.

Sasori sighed before finally answering. "A little," he put the spoon and fork on a plate that had been found toast. "You think about it your decision, Sakura. The job is not easy, especially you were a woman. Nii-san is afraid something will happen to you." Naturally, an older brother worried about right? Especially Sakura's face and physique that can make any man straightened saliva.

Sakura was still hung on the neck Sasori spoiled. "Nii-san .. I've been thinking over and over again! Like Nii-san did not know I just, I can take care of yourself too!"

"What if Kaa-san and Tou-san knows?" Sasori asked sharply.

"Ya do not know lah! Nii-san is how?" Sakura replied. He himself annoyed by the question her brother.

"That's not what I meant! What if they accidentally know about your job?"

Sakura thought for a moment. "They're not you stay away from us, they could not possibly know about my job. Unless Nii-san who told them!" Sakura Sasori glanced at her suspiciously.

"I'm not stupid enough to want to tell them." Sasori replied coldly.

Direct sakura sumringah. He kissed her cheek and then ran towards Sasori glimpse the front page. "I think Nii-san agrees! Jaa ~ Nii-san! Hopefully works smoothly!" Sakura yelled from the front page.

Sasori shook his head slowly. He sustains the head with his right hand. "That boy ..." Sasori sighed frustrated. The look on his face fear when imagining his mother's attitude if they knew that Sakura working. "Kaa-san would kill me." continue ...~


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