Romance Story Naruto And Hinata Under The Sun

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blonde-haired young man grinned as he stared at his cell phone screen. Occasionally his eyes were moving to read short messages from a girl who caught his attention. One of his classmate's sweet and loved many people, including Shikamaru and Neji who secretly love it.

Naruto was now holding her laughter when they read a reply brief message Hinata, indigo-haired girl was. amused chuckle, Naruto's reply to a girl and looked back at her bedroom ceiling with a wide grin.

Even Konohamaru (Naruto's brother) who saw it just to consider it crazy. Perhaps the weather lately that make the brain hot sister tilted ninety degrees than it should. Does he have to bang stick baseball to resuscitate her brother. Konohamaru turned around, heading Kyuubi room (their brother) to ask for a good solution.

Hinata threw her body on the bench ahead of me. And Naruto is sitting behind me into action. Blazing sunshine makes me wagging my paper torn from a book to provide fresh air.

"Hinata." Call Naruto with a face that looked confused.


"Some wanted me to talk about." Naruto took over an empty seat.

"What's that?" Hinata turned her chair to face Naruto.

Naruto cleared his throat for a moment and start, "Earlier, I and Kakashi talked for a while."

"Well, then?"

"He's dreaming about us."

"What?" Hinata asks Naruto to repeat his words.

Ignoring it, Naruto continued, "Kakashi had a dream, that me and you (hinata) will have a long love affair."

Hinata stared at Naruto in surprise. "Dream?"

"Confess!" Naruto Correction.

"What the hell are you?" Hinata's face flushed.

"No." Hinata's face red added. The sunlight shone on her, so that his face was flushed red more like a big tomato.

"Ahahaha ... what are you like me? Let's confess .... "

"No!" Hinata turned away from Naruto, closing his ears are also red.


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