Episode or chapter naruto kiss hinata

Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you know Episode or chapter naruto kiss hinata?
As far i knew:
The anime has not yet gotten up to that part and won't for some time due to so many fillers. But she does confess her love to him during hid fight with pain. I belive that chapter was 437. Also Sakura looked kinda jealous!


Hinata Too Sexy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This post will gather Hinata Chan Sexy photos because hinata was the hot girl comic in naruto manga ^_^

Hinata waiting Naruto kun?

Hinata Chan Cute as Always

Hinata Chan Just Too Sexy

So Sweat Hinata sama in Her Bedroom

Hinata Chan In The Beach


Naruto Yondaime Kushina, Family Gathering

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yondaime kiss naruto ^_^

Naruto will happy when his life like this, between minato and kushina

Can naruto become hokage like his father


Naruto finds out who his father, Yondaime !!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am glad to see that finally Naruto is going to be told that the Yondaime is his father. And hey, since it’s taken this long for him to be clued in I guess it’s better that the Yondaime himself is going to tell him. Huh?! Yup, in chapter 439 of the manga, Naruto is just about to rip the seal and call on nine tails of power in order to defeat Pain when he’s stopped by none other than his dad:

Apparently, as a fail-safe, if Naruto ever drew on nine tails of power, Minato’s consciousness would appear to stop him. Daddy’s looking out for him…finally. Sorry, a part of me still thinks that the Yondaime is an idiot for expecting people who had just suffered losses to see Naruto as a hero and not taking measures to ensure he was well cared for. And I still think the Sandaime was way too lax on his care as well. But that’s another rant for another time.

Now, it’s great and all that Minato’s showed up to stop him from calling on all nine tails but…what will it accomplish? We saw how bad calling on six tails of power messed him up in chapter 438 and now, after calling on eight tails, he’s not looking any better:

Yeah, that’s Naruto with eight tails. Makes having a cerebral palsy look tame doesn’t it? Naruto was seriously messed up when he called on four tails of power, six tails tore away all his flesh and revealed his vertebrae and leg bones. With eight tails it looks like his body is trying for build itself into Kyuubi’s likeness. Just how badly messed up is he going to be when he sends the Kyuubi’s chakra back into the seal?

source: nanashi-inc.net


Hinata Confession: Because I love you

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was always chasing you, wanting to overtake you..
I just wanted to walk with you...
I wanted to be with you..
You changed me!
Your smile saved Me!
So I'm not afraid to die protecting you!!!
Because I Love You!!


Rasen Shuriken (Great Jutsu)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sukhoiii...! to the naruto chapter 432!!!, naruto provide surprises, namely the latest Rasengan shuriken. Indeed rasengan shuriken that moment created by the assisted by Naruto and Kakashi Yamato, where the moment is to use the strength of wind element chakra (at that time was also assisted by Asuma Teachers, which also has elements of the air), and the eruption of the first moment, naruto one of the akatshuki namely Kakuzu.

On this chapter rasen shuriken weapons developed into a truly shuriken (ninja weapons are thrown, but with the large size), the initial rasen shuriken is brought about by the withdrawal Naruto rasengan but usually in the form of a shuriken. Well, now rasen shuriken can thrown but Like shuriken. cool wow ... .. n.! ;-)

Pain is also one of the deceased by rasen shuriken, waw pain so now i live 3? wuih Naruto now suitable to be the next Hokage .... ;-)



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  • Funny Sakura vs Ino

    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Ino and sakura are competing with each other. Ranging from fashion, beauty, academy and the most sinister when sasuke fight heart.
    Wuihh, what the hell.
    Here some comedy picture will make you laugh...


    Sakura funny emotion, LoL

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    I think, Sakura-chan is so cute and more cuter when have longer hair. When in naruto episode before shippuden the is a lot of funny emotion from sakura-chan i loved. Okey, here we go... don't laugh... to much....!

    Hehe, sakura chan is cry like river

    Sakura chan is shock... hehehe wow what an emotion!

    Sakura chan now like ugly pig... hehehe!

    LoL, sakura is angry now. Look at her eyes like a frog. LOL...

    This Is number one. Sakura tying to give food to naruto but she is don't like it... hehehe...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Funny Sakura and Naruto Session 2

    This galery i made from googling picture, there is several funny picture you can see about sakura and naruto.

    Hmm, naruto seem happy with this condition. Two of couple is best i think.

    This picture bring a lot of memory between naruto, sakura and sakura. These chiby picture is very funny i think.

    Naruto mission (sasuke undercover) to kiss sakura failed because he has stomach ache after drinking milk that expired, hehehe!

    And finally he got heavy puch from sakura. Kyaaaak!


    Naruto beat all pain monster summoning !

    Wow, sukhoi...! Naruto beat all of Pain summoning in chapter 431 with rasengan, sage mode on is very powerfull, and save tsunade sama.

    . Hmm, this fight between naruto and pain will be best fight in naruto manga i think :D.

    Pain and Konan will fight againt naruto alone, this is ridiciluss because we Konan power is truly amazing.

    In my prediction, Naruto won’t fight the realms all alone, it’s too much for him. The frogs will help fighting Animal-Pain at least. Nagato will put his life on the line in this fight, Konan knows it and will try to stop him (won’t succeed). After the realms are gone, Nagato (with his rinnegan) will fight Naruto himself. Maybe Tsunade will sacrifice for him in this fight, maybe Konan sacrifices for Nagato. And in the end, when both Naruto and Nagato are in the ground almost KO, Danzo kills Nagato, froggles style!!:yell

    What are you really expecting of this fight?


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