Naruto finds out who his father, Yondaime !!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am glad to see that finally Naruto is going to be told that the Yondaime is his father. And hey, since it’s taken this long for him to be clued in I guess it’s better that the Yondaime himself is going to tell him. Huh?! Yup, in chapter 439 of the manga, Naruto is just about to rip the seal and call on nine tails of power in order to defeat Pain when he’s stopped by none other than his dad:

Apparently, as a fail-safe, if Naruto ever drew on nine tails of power, Minato’s consciousness would appear to stop him. Daddy’s looking out for him…finally. Sorry, a part of me still thinks that the Yondaime is an idiot for expecting people who had just suffered losses to see Naruto as a hero and not taking measures to ensure he was well cared for. And I still think the Sandaime was way too lax on his care as well. But that’s another rant for another time.

Now, it’s great and all that Minato’s showed up to stop him from calling on all nine tails but…what will it accomplish? We saw how bad calling on six tails of power messed him up in chapter 438 and now, after calling on eight tails, he’s not looking any better:

Yeah, that’s Naruto with eight tails. Makes having a cerebral palsy look tame doesn’t it? Naruto was seriously messed up when he called on four tails of power, six tails tore away all his flesh and revealed his vertebrae and leg bones. With eight tails it looks like his body is trying for build itself into Kyuubi’s likeness. Just how badly messed up is he going to be when he sends the Kyuubi’s chakra back into the seal?



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