Rasen Shuriken (Great Jutsu)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sukhoiii...! to the naruto chapter 432!!!, naruto provide surprises, namely the latest Rasengan shuriken. Indeed rasengan shuriken that moment created by the assisted by Naruto and Kakashi Yamato, where the moment is to use the strength of wind element chakra (at that time was also assisted by Asuma Teachers, which also has elements of the air), and the eruption of the first moment, naruto one of the akatshuki namely Kakuzu.

On this chapter rasen shuriken weapons developed into a truly shuriken (ninja weapons are thrown, but with the large size), the initial rasen shuriken is brought about by the withdrawal Naruto rasengan but usually in the form of a shuriken. Well, now rasen shuriken can thrown but Like shuriken. cool wow ... .. n.! ;-)

Pain is also one of the deceased by rasen shuriken, waw pain so now i live 3? wuih Naruto now suitable to be the next Hokage .... ;-)


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